The Mix and Match Box

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Fancy The Original, but a bit MORE original? A S'Mores box with a bit Smore? A Morning Glory - but a bit more glorious? Maybe hankering after half an Original and half a Sweet n Sexy?

Order this box, and tell us in the Order Notes what you want it to contain! Ideally it should follow the contents we already provide across the boxes, but we will do our best to fit in your requests. Bear in mind the size of the box when you make your requests - we aren't magicians! :)

Grazing Notes

  • Each box is individual - the pictures are representations of regular boxes we have recently created, shown to give an idea of size.
  • Typically, a Large can comfortably feed 6 people, a Medium comfortably feeds 4, and a Small comfortably feeds 2 people. However, this is just a guide.


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