The Cosy Box

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Snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy all your comforting treats. From hot chocolate to marshmallows, fine chocolate biscuits, fudge, mini stroopwafels, chocolate swiss roll, premium dark chocolate, black grapes, more chocolate treats and other seasonal fruit.

Grazing Notes:

  • Each box is individual - the pictures are representations of boxes we have recently created.
  • Typically, a Large can comfortably feed 6 people, a Medium comfortably feeds 4, and a Small comfortably feeds 2 people. However, this is just a guide.


Want something for more than 6 people? Consider the Grazing Table!

Want something more bespoke? Consider the Bespoke Box!

Not sure? I understand - it's a big jump from thinking about delicious food to actually spending hard-won money on it.
Just contact me using the Chat button below and we can talk it through!