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Grazing Tables FAQ - GrazeMe Ltd

What is included?

All food & any extras (including props, foliage, equipment) as agreed during booking, design, set up & styling.

The Grazing Table will be finger food and bite size with the exception of some of the larger cheeses - therefore there will be a requirement for you to provide some serving utensils/cheese knives for the chutneys and cheeses.

Here is a list of roughly what to expect on our Signature Original Grazing Table. If there is something specific that you would like included, I’d be happy to discuss further. 

Selection of Fine Cheeses
French Brie, Vintage Blue Cheese, Boursin (everyone loves a Boursin!), Rosary Ash Goats Cheese from Somerset, Spanish Manchego, Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar
Cured Meats
Salami Milano, Cured Saucisson, Parma Ham
Lemon and Garlic Olives, Paprika Olives
Sweet Potato Pakora and/or Falafel Varieties
Hummus, Guacamole 
Artisan Chutneys
Seasonal Fruit and Veggies
Dried Fruits
Artisan Bread Roll Selection with Salted Butter Swirls
Breadsticks / Grissini
Gourmet Cracker Varieties

For those with a sweet tooth, why not plump for the Savoury and Sweet Graze? We add a selection of sweet treats to the table for something yummy to finish the graze off right. We tend to lay this in a 80/20 ratio. The produce used varies on season but tends to consist of mini cakes, brownies, fruit and some retro treats to bring colour and joy to the table.

We can also cater for Breakfast, Brunch, Children's Parties (all adapted for little fingers) and an indulgent Treat Table

How Much Do I Order?

We have designed our grazing tables as a substitute for a traditional buffet or a light meal. Generally you should expect approximately 1 metre of delicious food per 20-30 guests for a grazing table. If you just want nibbles then we recommend ordering for less guests, say 25% less than you are expecting, if you want more of a main meal then order for 25% more.

Please note we do not offer a hot food service or seafood as these do not work with the concept of grazing.

What do I need to provide?

A table or worktop provided by you will be perfect. It should be dressed as you wish with your desired table coverings/bunting etc prior to our arrival. The food itself will be laid onto food grade paper to provide a safe barrier for the food to lay on. Note: If your surface is particularly porous, you may wish to cover with a protective surface before we arrive.

Please note we will lay the food in 1 location only. If you would like to have us set up in multiple locations - for example - around centrepieces per table at a wedding - this will incur a £30 surcharge and must be declared in advance. This is because as we need to use more produce and it increases the set up time considerably. For example, laying 10 x 10 person grazing tables takes us around 50% longer to set up than if we were to set up 1 x 100 person grazing table

Plates/Cutlery/Serving implements should be provided by you as these are individual to the style of your event. However we can source these for you and the costs are contained within the quote pack.

Tablescaping and Equipment Hire - What happens here?

If you are thinking of adding tablescaping hire to your booking, here's a few things to note:

- We won't hire any equipment within ULEZ/Congestion Charge Zones

- We won't hire any equipment to a short stay Air BNB type venue

- There is a nominal £20 fee for us to collect in the days following your grazing table installation and this will be from the venue we set up in, unless agreed in advance

- Any losses/ damage to our equipment will be subject to a £50 breakage charge and this must be declared to the driver upon collection. If we discover this once we have left the venue, we will issue an invoice retrospectively for payment.

- We reserve the right not to hire, if we arrive at the venue and it does not meet the criteria set out above

- All our equipment should be cleaned by hand before return, unless otherwise agreed.

I'd like to use my own Tablescaping, why is there a charge?

If you are thinking of using your own tablescaping boards, bowls and stands in your booking, we are very happy to pick some things to use. We charge a nominal fee as this takes us extra time on the day to plan, choose and lay out your pieces to show them off in the best way possible, whilst still making the food look AMAZING.

- Please have your pieces cleaned and ready for us to use when we arrive

- We don't always need as much as you think so if there is a specific piece we MUST incorporate, please notify the Grazing Artist upon their arrival so they can centre around this. Think about your colour schemes and how things tie together with the colours in the Graze. Wood, slate and glass all work beautifully here.

- GrazeMe are not responsible for any losses/ damage to your equipment during the setup process

- We reserve the right to refuse to use your items, if we arrive at the venue and it does not meet the criteria set out above.

What Happens On The Day?

We will arrive on the day with the food refrigerated & pre-prepared so there is no need for kitchen access. We set up the Grazing Table on site in the mutually-agreed location, this can take up to 1-3 hours depending on the requirements. We will agree timings during the booking process.

Note that we will need parking access during setup. Once all is finished we clear away our kit and leave you and your guests to enjoy the food, ideally about 30 minutes before your guests arrive.

How Does The Food Stay Fresh?

During transportation, the food is always kept at a safe cool temperature using portable cooling equipment. All our food is laid out on food-safe paper to create a barrier with the table surface. You must provide a table or surface that is in a cool, shaded area well away from fires, radiators or direct sunlight. The food can be out for a maximum of 4 hours (in accordance with food hygiene and safety) and after this time the food must be disposed of.

Do You Stay To Serve The Food And Clear Away?

Once we have finished creating your Grazing Table we clear away our things and leave you and your guests to enjoy the food. The very nature of a Grazing Table is that you do not need to be served & food is plentiful. Therefore, please note that we do not provide waiting staff for any booking.

Clearing the food away after your event is your responsibility, as we do not normally return. However, if this is something you would like, then we can arrange a return visit to clear away. making your event as stress free as possible. Please note this will incur an additional charge.

What Are The Travel Costs and Do You Cover My Area?

We will calculate the costs at 50p per mile basis. We would need suitable parking at the venue to allow us to unload and reload.

Any unexpected parking costs incurred will be recharged after the event. Any clients whose events are within a Congestion Charge or ULEZ zone will have this charge passed on for payment.

This year (2023) has seen us expand hugely and therefore we have decided to cap our travel time to around 40/45 minutes but making exception for our existing clients and those bookings for larger events. Please get in touch to discuss, if you have any questions.

Do You Cater for Dietary Requirements or Food Allergies?

All of our Grazing Tables can be adapted to cater for vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free requirements. If you have guests with a mixture of requirements, we can accommodate those into the Grazing Table by storing and displaying meat, cheeses or gluten foods separately from the main graze. That said, it is worth noting that much of the foods used in the graze will be Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free and even Dairy Free anyway so there will be plenty to choose from.

Please note that there may be a 10% surcharge to cover the additional cost of sourcing dietary alternative foods. This can be confirmed nearer the time and the supplement added to the final invoice.

Are You Insured And Registered With The Food Standards Agency?

We are a fully insured government-registered food business, and have Food Hygiene Level 2 certification. We are proud to have been awarded a 5* Food Hygiene Inspection by the Environmental Health Officer in recognition of our stringent hygiene standards.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

To check the latest policy, take a look here. Please take a note of this information as it is important to note that once we are less than 2 weeks prior to your event, we are unable to refund any deposits made.

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